Atoll Metal Recovery is a world leader in the provision of metal recovery services to metallurgical processors and mining companies.

Since its formation, Atoll Metal Recovery has built 11 major metal-from-slag recovery plants in Southern Africa, capable of processing between 120 and 200 t/h of slag. It has also constructed a 100 t/h plant for Sweden, a 60 t/h plant for France and has supplied 10 t/h to 35 t/h mobile jigging plants to clients throughout the world. The build own operate (BOO) services, have also been well received by the mining industry. Today Atoll Metal Recovery has plants in Sweden, USA, South Africa, Turkey and Romania.

Our Metal Recovery Plants, utilising gravity separation technology offers:

• High, cost-effective recovery of saleable metal

• Recovery of a wide range of metal alloys from slag dumps and other waste streams

• Environmental benefits

• Beneficiation of coal, ores and industrial minerals

• Build, own and operate (BOO) services

• Stainless-steel dusts and base-metal slags smelted in DC furnaces to recover valuable metals






 Utilising our vast process development, design and project engineering capability and extensive operating experience, our plants ensure optimum capital and operating costs for high recovery of on-specification ferroalloy from the slag. Read More ..

The APIC Jig is a gravity separator which separates particles of different densities in a homogeneous bed of solid material. Valuable products can thus be separated from waste material, effectively producing clean, saleable products. Read More ..

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A Global Leader in Metal Recovery

A Global Leader in Metal Recovery

Utilizing gravel separation technology