The APIC Jig is a gravity separator which separates particles of different densities in a homogeneous bed of solid material. Valuable products can thus be separated from waste material, effectively producing clean, saleable products.

How the APIC Jig works

The underbed air pulsation of the water in the jig submits the homogeneous bed of particles on the screen deck to vertical fluid pulses of extension and compression phases, which results in the densimetric stratification of the particles. The denser, more heavy particles (sinks) settle and the lighter, less dense particles (floats) rise to the top of the material bed.

The number and widths of the compartments in the jig are selected to achieve the most efficient separation. Where necessary, a ragging bed is installed for the recovery of fine material.

The discharge mechanisms of the jig permit a smooth and accurate evacuation of sinks and middlings. The gate discharge is controlled by a float which is continually positioned at the desired density interface within the bed. The gate design is chosen to suit the particular feed size distribution and the proportion of sinks.

The pulse characteristics are designed to maximize the separation of products in the jig and electronic control provides a precise and consistent operation regardless of feed variations. The pulse timings are automatically adjusted for bed-level changes. Each compartment is timed and adjusted independently.

The inlet air pressure is automatically regulated to provide the correct pulse strength for the application. The pulse downstroke can also be regulated to control the suction stroke and thus the settling characteristics.

Apic Jigs Research & Test Center Turkey

Atoll own Mineral Processing & Jigging projects and third party client’s projects investigated and developed at Antalya Test Centre. The Antalya Test centre has different sized Pilot Jigs and related pilot scale mineral processing units for research and development services to all clients  interested in jigging technology.  Most common technologies are Coal Preparation, metallic ores such as iron, manganese, chrome, ferroalloys slags, sand-gravel, barite and similar industrial materials.

Test work for Coal Separation

Test work for Iron Ore Separation

Jigging videos

Coal Jigging Pilot Jig Red

Iron ore jigging Pilot Jig Green

Iron Ore jigging Pilot Jig Red

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Atoll metal recovery
Atoll metal recovery
Atoll metal recovery
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